Monday, January 19, 2009

The Archives are Open - And There's a Funny Smell Inside

Let's call this the early pre-official non-grand opening of my online archives. As I said earlier, I want to post some of my earlier paid work online, and I now have about 40 different pieces in the Writer's Washroom Annex. At the moment, none of this is fiction. There are five categories: Columns (from my "From the Extremes" and "The Bipolar Extremist" days), Features Writing (from Planet Weekly and a few other places), Interviews, Press Releases, and Scripts.

I'm having formatting issues with the Scripts section right now, so only one is up: the original three-page script for Pop-Up Prophecy. There should be two or three more scripts up soon (if I can figure this dang thing out...rassum frassum...stupid formatting).

I've tried picking out a representation of each category. Some of them are better than others, but all of them I feel fondly about. I had a tendency to really make obscure comments about local politicos; as such, I've skipped over columns that did that too often. I've also left out some features and articles that I felt were good, but were perhaps too similar to ones that were better.

The six interviews I've selected are among my favorite pieces ever (featuring the Mayor of Jackson, a wonderful local mixed-media artist, the President of Jackson State, a Survivor contestant, a rapper/producer, and...yes, a Presidential candidate. It says in the interview that I had a beer while interviewing him. One hundred percent true. I was not about to pass up the opportunity to have a beer with a man running for President of the United States.)

I'll work on the scripts problem and try to find a copy of "Wasteland," my sole published fiction piece - from way back when. As far as the rest go: we'll see.

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  1. Oh good! Mike was wondering when/if you were going to do this. I'll let him know!