"Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards." - Robert A. Heinlein

Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Morbid Metamorphosis" Is Out, and it's Awesome!

Okay, to be fair, Lycan Valley Press' anthology, Morbid Metamorphosis, has been out over a month and it was available on the day I originally said it would be -- June 13.

So why am I just getting around to announcing this?

Because I've been stupidly busy and I literally have not had time to compose and write this silly post. Many of you know that Liza and I (and the woofbeasts) are spending about a month in a desolate canyon below a desolate mountain about four miles beyond the ass end of nowhere. (If you want to know why, ask me. I don't feel like writing it here.)

However, this summer I am working full-time as a private teacher/tutor hybrid-type-thing and I am spending about 3 hours on the road each day, in addition to my 9 hours onsite. So... not much time for anything? Not much. I've been a social media ghost since the end of June, and will mostly like be spectral until well into August.

What's that -- I should be telling you about this book? Oh, crap, yes. Morbid Metamorphosis, Lycan Valley Press' inaugural anthology has some amazing stories in it, and that's not an exaggeration.

My short story's title, "Hyde and Seek," might give a hint or two if only you remember this is an entire anthology around people who are both more, and less, than human. I'm also pleased to say that this is the second story based in my own Challenger's Club setting to see publication (following "In the Wardrobe," in the amazing A Darke Phantastique).

Morbid Metamorphosis is available at Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats. I am certain it's available in other places, but not kidding -- I haven't had enough time to look.

Given that I usually categorize my horror-ish work as Dark Fantasy... if you feel a need to scratch a quasi-historical, semi-literary Dark Fantasy itch, pick up a copy.

But remember, the kindest thing you can do for any and all writers is leave a review. Thank you, and happy reading!