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Sunday, May 1, 2016

"Twisted Tales Tea Party" Is Apparently No Longer a Thing

R.I.P. "Twisted Tales"
As much as I've been looking forward to seeing my short story, "Bad," appear in the Twisted Tales Tea Party anthology... at the moment, it doesn't look like it will happen.

The publisher and creator behind the project let the authors know today that it appears that the project is dead.

These things happen. Real life intrudes. Health, money, family... these all take priority. We all understand that. But it's still disappointing to know that this will die on the vine and never be the fine wine it should be.

The only thing I know is that a few people are working behind the scenes to see if any part of the project can and will be salvaged. I don't expect anything to come out of it, but it would be great if it could.

Until I hear the voices' final resigned comments, I'm going to keep "Bad" in play, along with the other short stories from the anthology... but I will consider this project a dead one.

Edit (May 10): Though there seemed to be some interest among the participants and editor in keeping these stories together, conversation died out very quickly and only blipped once more -- when I followed up. As much as I'd like to see these stories in one anthology, and as much editing as was done to some of the pieces, it appears that for most folks, it's just... done. I'm disappointed in the whole situation, but even more disappointed now...

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