Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chopra Returns! Just in Time for the New Governing Board Meeting at Southwestern College

Tonight's the night, folks. Starting at 7 p.m. on the campus of Southwestern College in Chula Vista, the public, students, and faculty will get to speak.

President Raj K. Chopra has finally returned from that very long vacation he needed after suspending four professors, and I'm guessing he's feeling rested, tanned, and ready to hear what we have to say.

I suggest we give it to him.

This Governing Board meeting will be held in Cafeteria East. Pressure from the public, the students, the faculty, the press -- pretty much from everywhere -- forced Chopra to move this meeting from its usual location to the cafeteria. This means that no one should be forced to stand outside in the cold again.

If you want to speak, show up before 7:00 and fill out one of the "yellow cards." They're available as you go inside. Fill in your name and city, and you can speak to the Governing Board for up to three minutes. You don't have to speak that long, but that is the most you can speak.

This is your chance to be heard, people! Seize it! If you're an angry or frustrated parent, a student who's being forced out, a member of the public with questions or concerns, or even a business leader who just wants to know what the heck is going on over there (which we're hearing a lot of you do), come out and be heard.

The press will be there. This is likely to be big. You want to be here tonight. I suspect that if someone needs translation into Spanish, that can be found.

It is time to start taking back this school from this current administration. And it's time the Board takes some responsibility for putting this shameful leadership in place.


  1. Nick, I recommend you make the statement that the reserve fund is at 7% and the California state recommendation is for it to be 5%, and then mentions that the 2% difference is $2 million...which is more than enough to keep all those classes from going away.

    Then ask Raj when he will tender his resignation since he is overbearing, facist, AND incompetent.

  2. Jobe, I chose to speak about the fiction offered to the community called the "independent investigation" - what the school paid an L.A.-based lawyer ~$15,000 to produce, to prove that the professors were indeed responsible for starting that "riot."

    The investigation was a sham. We know it, they know it, and the lawyer knows it. I called them out on it, and kept my comments toward that.

    But, you'll be happy to know, several others (including the president of the faculty union) felt the same as you did. So, even though you are hundreds of miles away, and have never even seen the school, you're clearly smarter than our upper-level administration, and four out of five Board members.