Friday, April 15, 2011

And On the Seventh Day, He Chilled

My little experiment seems to have worked. I’ve posted on the blog once a day for a week. It may not seem like much, but I have to count time as a premium. It was actually difficult in a couple of places to know what to write, but I remembered that not everything had to be earth-shattering, and put down something to say.

It’s been good. I have to say it’s good to try to put thoughts out for others to read on a daily basis. It’s also a pain in the butt, and not something I would ever want to do. On the flip side, it’s increased traffic here about tenfold, and that’s always good.

If ever I bothered to monetize this site, that would really be something, huh?

In the past week, I’ve blogged about politics and the Sun, published fiction, fiction I’m in the process of writing, and even a charity anthology I’m going to be part of. None of these are the most important things in the world, but they sure make my life a little more interesting. If they’ve made yours a little more entertaining, then I call it a win.

I also have to say I think that this has helped “prime the pump” – in an entirely writerly sort of way. Since I’ve started this, I’ve also added some new pages to both “Omega Man’s Day Off” and “The Wyrd Magnet: Chapter Four.”

This is a side benefit I wasn’t expecting. I’m probably going to try to keep up the blogging for a while, if only to help keep up the writing.

Thanks for sticking around here.

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  1. I post at the Den at least once a week and that itself tortures my brain, so kudos to you for doing posts everyday. I've done it a few times, and it's hard work, but rewarding, as you say.

    Don't go all quiet on us now! (As if!)