Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who Wants to Review a Short Film?

Today, for no good reason whatsoever, I popped over to IMDb - the Internet Movie Data Base - where I have a tiny, tiny entry. I then checked out the short film project with which I was involved, and realized that we were suffering from the vary thing that affects most litle homemade films.

No one gets to see it. And those that do, don't get to make their opinions known.

A few years, I wrote a short film. Then with director Monte Kraus, Philip Scarborough (an occasional visitor here), Tom Beck (a frequent houseguest here), Sam Morris IV, Diego Velasco, Sam Watson, Matthew Beall, and others (stay for the credits!), we put together the short film and entered it into a small film festival. It won. This made us happy.

Not long after, we entered it to IMDb and were delighted when it was accepted.

So, it is with just a little shameless interest, that I am going to point here - The Pop-Up Prophecy.

Then, if you feel the muse upon you, pop over to our IMDb page here and leave a review, or even just a vote on the site's 1-10 scale. None of us have ever tried getting anyone to the site, so it would be interesting to see what people think of the short. (You can also read the script here.)

Then, if you're a high-powered Hollywood type and you'd like to offer any/all of us a job, just drop us a line here.

Smirk if you want. But I'll bet you smile first.

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