Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wildflowers and the Anza-Borrego Desert

--Indigo Bush

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Last weekend, my girl and I went out into the desert, looking for the blooming wildflowers and doing a big circuit through the Anza-Borrego Desert. We headed out Interstate 8 from San Diego to the bustling metropolis of Ocotillo. From there we headed north to Borrego Springs, and after dinner at Carlee's Place, we headed home.

--Engelmann's hedgehog flower

It wasn't enough. We went Sunday, too, taking the same route to Borrego Springs, and eating at Pablito's that night. We also headed home a slightly different direction, too. Instead of going out over the Yaqui Pass and through Julian, we took the S22 up the side of the mountain and through Ranchita and Santa Ysabel instead.

--Location north of Butterfield Ranch on S2 (San Diego County Route 2).

Need I add that it was a highly pleasant weekend? I thought not.

--Desert lily

[All photo credits? Me. Click on a photo to link to this Picasa album.]


  1. Love the pictures, Nick. Looks like a beautiful place to wander.

  2. Nicely done. I can see it DID "click" for you!

  3. Thank you both. That may have been the most purely enjoyable photo trip I've taken yet. I've got a lot more, but I don't want to post everything on Picasa. Suffice it to say, I'm pretty happy. :-)

    And yes, the Anza-Borrego is really one of my favorite places out here. It's a huge state park, and it really is beautiful at times.

  4. These are nice dude. What are you shooting with?

  5. I'm shooting with a Panasonic Lumix FZ-35. It's a good mid-range digi, not a big DSLR, not a point-and-shoot.

    It shoots GREAT in low- and no-light, has a 16X zoom (hardly any noise until about 14x), and might be the best camera I've ever used.