Friday, December 11, 2009

Student Leader Films Part of Southwestern College Governing Board Meeting - World Does Not End

Southwestern College student Veronica Golenia - one of those who have taken an active role in standing up to the administration and its constant appalling decisions - took a big step forward this week, doing something that the Governing Board has been too terrified to do: she filmed their meeting.

Please, please, please visit the Save Our SWC blog to watch quite a bit of the "oral communication" portion - that bit where the public speaks out. This one is much more mellow than last month's, but those that did speak really shined.

For those who haven't yet gone to the other blog, let me add that trustee Nick Aguilar has asked repeatedly - and been ignored, bulldozed, and buffaloed - to simply discuss putting the GB meetings on streaming video. They ignore the suggestion with a vehemence normally given towards discussions about the Apocalypse, the Mayan Calendar, and Armageddon itself. Clearly the Board doesn't want its work out there.

I suspect that the Board is used to operating in its quiet, obfuscatory manner, and knows that if the public can easily see how they spin and ignore the truth, and justify the administration's incompetence, then people might just think that someone else could do their jobs better than they can.

Let's hear it for this student leader, taking the first step toward proving them right.


  1. HEAR, HEAR for Veronica! She knows the difference between right and wrong and does something about it!

  2. I feel the same way. The school could use more students like her.

    But without detracting from her ONE BIT, I'll add that there are more and more students taking active roles in all this. It's hopeful to watch them get involved, and it's damn inspiring to watch them take a role as big as hers.

  3. I cant take all the credit you also got to give credit to my friends who stood by me since day one, all the dedicated teachers and also community members and local leaders who also are making a difference everyday since this whole mess began....BIG THANKS TO THEM AS WELL :D <3<3

  4. Everyone gets their moment to have the light shined on them. Hit me on Facebook, and let me know the names of those others - those students that EVERYONE has seen at EVERY function, rally, meeting, and protest for months. I'll happily put up a post about NOTHING except the students you have remained involved with this even longer than I.