Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh, There's Been Some Changes...

Take a look. It's a lot less cluttered, isn't it? After about 34 hours of work, I've pulled the Washroom Annex from its home at WritersOwnWords and moved it to its new site next door: The New Washroom Annex - which is now on Blogger.

I've moved all the archived work - nonfiction, scripts, and the like - and set them up in their new home. I'll also be using the new Annex to host the Works-in-Progress and other bits of fiction. I've linked everything up as tightly as I can over there, so getting around should be easy.

I'll still use this to debut new chapters and whatnot, but the work itself will actually be hosted on the blog next door.

Feel free to pop on over and check it out. After a day and a half of work, I hope someone does.

In keeping with the changes, I've yanked many of the bells-and-whistles from this site. I'm not using them now, and I doubt anyone else is. I've moved the members' blogroll to the right-hand side, along with other link lists. "This Just In," the links to the Annex, and a few other odds-and-ends will remain on the left side.

Y'all let me know what you think of all this.

One last thing: let's all raise of glass of something adults-only to our new members: ...Gray... Spot, Gina Deeming, The Taco Traveler, and Caroline.


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