Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stick a Fork in "Dunbar" - He's Done

Because of my now-widely-discussed absence, due to laptop issues, "Chapter Two - Dunbar" was posted here longer than any other. Since it's been posted for weeks, and it's even made the round of my writer's group, I'm calling this puppy done.

Oddly enough, this remains the introductory chapter that most vexes me. In any form, it's always read better to others than it has to me. This continues to be the case. But I'm glad it pleases everyone else.

This time out, I want to give a particular "thanks" to Twotalia for her timely, necessary, and very valuable feedback. Thank you.

And if any of you who are familiar with the older (pre-blog) version of Dunbar and want to know why I've changed his speech patterns, you may thank my girlfriend, who basically campaigned for him to speak somewhat normally. I left a bit of the arrogance, and yanked the rest.

The updated version of "Chapter Two - Dunbar":

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