Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Questions for the Readers (and the Beta-Readers)

In the past twenty-four hours, I've had two short, separate conversations. Both gave me food for thought, and I suppose the best thing to do is to ask you - all you folks who have been stopping by, saying "hi," offering feedback, becoming followers, and just being friends.

I have two questions for you. You may feel free to answer in a comment if you want. But I've also set up Polls in the right-hand column for short, simple answers.

Question 1: Shall I go ahead and post Chapter 1 (Malcolm) here, as I posted the Prologue (Darkness)? Is this something I should keep doing? Note that I'm note going to post the entire book; there's a natural stopping point not too far along. But if y'all want me to do this, I'd be happy to put it up. I would expect feedback, of course, and my responsibility is to accept it and improve.

Question 2: Is there interest in me offering subscriptions to this blog? I've never really considered it, but it was mentioned to me as a possibility. Would y'all like me to set this up so you can subscribe to blog posts? Let me know.

And, finally, an update: The first (re)draft is in the hands of Irina - one of my writing group - and I'm waiting for feedback from her. I prefer to let one person attack it before putting it up. As long as I'm blessed with knowing the members of my group, I'm delighted to ask their help (and offer my own in return).

I'm about half done with Seven Bands You Should Know. Two words: Big Star.


  1. I'm thinking that, at the most, you should put each character's prologues on here. That way you won't be giving away the story, but you will be giving away a taste of characterization and style.

  2. I'd like to be a small part of this project and help in any way I can. So please post as much as is comfortable to you.